Natural well-being

Complementary feed and topical use products containing herbal blends and essential oils for the growth and development needs of all animal species

"Let thy food be thy medicine
and thy medicine be thy food"

The value of Nature

GreenVet began in 1992 thanks to a team of expert veterinarians and conscientious breeders driven by a common goal: animal health and well-being.

Over 25 years of research and development, our veterinarians in long-standing collaboration with industry professionals and expert breeders have identified specific blends of herbal extracts containing ingredients with nutritional effects, suitable for favoring normal bodily functions in promoting organic defenses, in support of animal well-being.

Through direct requests and collaboration with international Universities, Institutes and Research Centers, GreenVet draws on the vast knowledge Nature has to offer, conducting numerous field trials and studies on animal nutrition, attaining excellent results both nationally and internationally, leading to the development of innovative products while limiting environmental impact.

Our location
Via Nicola Sacco 22, Forlì ITALY

Our dedicated on-site production areas follow raw materials through various production phases to the finished product. Our on-site logistics area manages product distribution worldwide with express transport and delivery options to meet customer needs.

Product range

Nature at the service of animal well-being.

The GreenVet product range includes a wide variety of liquid and powdered complementary feed for dietary integration and products for topical use, containing specific blends of herbal extracts and essential oils which may support normal bodily functions in promoting maintenance of natural defenses. Our goal: the well-being of pets and livestock during all stages of growth and development.

Key benefits for animals,
thanks to Nature.

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